Energy Performance Analysis

Energy is often the largest lifecycle cost for facilities, in both financial and environmental terms. Capital Green and our partners provide experience, innovative culture, and engineering talent to offer the perfect energy efficient solution for renewal and/or development projects. Capital Green certified engineers are at the leading intersection of environmentally friendly technologies, application design, and operations and maintenance practices. Energy efficiency is a key ingredient of environmental sustainability. Capital Green and our partners’ engineers are qualified experts in identifying energy and environmental opportunities that will significantly improve the performance of facilities. The services include:

  • Development of a Strategic Energy Plan
  • Energy conservation studies and audits to analyze energy performance data and establish baseline energy consumption
  • Development of a Strategic Energy Plan
  • Energy efficient lighting, HVAC technologies, and building shells
  • Energy control systems that conserve energy
  • Application design for combined heat and power systems
  • Measurement and verification of energy savings from modifications
  • Commissioning of building HVAC and electrical systems
  • Operating cost and emission reductions from investments in on-site energy facilities and fuel switching capabilities
  • Operating cost reductions from managing energy rates and prices
  • Feasible options for purchasing and using renewable energy

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